10 recycled and waste-free holiday crafts

10 recycled and waste-free holiday crafts

The final bells have rung and classes are out, meaning that the kids are home for the next couple of weeks.

For some, school holidays may mean family adventures full of fun and excitement, for others it could mean juggling work, kids and day-to-day tasks without a break. No matter what the situation is for each family, school holidays can be a difficult time to be waste-free.

Many kids toys, clothes and fad gadgets are created with a short life expectancy, most being made of plastics and non-natural materials, these items aren’t made to last.

However, no fear; a fantastic waste-free alternative to toys and gadgets are holiday crafts!

Holiday crafts can include any little thing from around the house and are a fantastic way to engage kids in fun projects that encourage learning, team work and problem solving. For many parent’s craft-time can also be a relaxing setting to spend quality time with their kids (and in a fast-paced world quality time never goes astray).

The best kinds of waste-free crafts are the ones that can be done using repurposed items to create something new, especially if these original items can be difficult to recycle.

Read our favourite 10 fun crafts that can be done with everyday household items.

  1. Cork stamps – Now that corks cannot go into your kerbside recycling, don’t just throw them into the general waste, re-purpose them and give them a new life as fun stamp sets for the kids.
  2. Cork tic-tac-toe – Fun to make and even better for keeping the kids entertained on long journeys or when away from home.
  3. Tin can pencil holder – A classic craft piece for a reason, these pencil holders will never go out of date.
  4. Cardboard superhero bangles – Putting the paper towel rolls to use these bangles will be the next big fashion accessory in your household.
  5. Funky magnets – While this magnet is a monkey you can make any cool shape or animal you’d like using re-purposed plastic lids.
  6. Dino corncob holders – A fun way to turn short-lived toys into useful household objects, use any of the kids toys to make these, just make sure they wont be missed!
  7. Egg-carton flower fairies – Make your own toys and boycott the plastic toy industry!
  8. Milk bottle toss – A waste-free spin on the classic cup-n-ball game, without having to buy another toy.
  9. A cardboard aquarium – a fun day of crafts and a tank full of worry-free pets, what more could you want?
  10. Soup can bowling – another winner for waste-free crafts that doubles as a game for the kids to be played for years.


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